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Furnishing Your New Home - The Complete Checklist

All The Furniture and Furnishings for Your New Home (Plus Interior Design Tips)

Furnishing your new home can be the last hurdle before finally getting settled in.

Inevitably things get forgotten amid the busyness of moving.

It can also be difficult trying to make the most of the space and design.

Therefore, in this guide and checklist we’ll set out some of the essentials and non-essential items you will probably need when furnishing your new home.

We will also offer some design advice to help make the most of your new home and maximise the space you have.

Get your free checklist here.

Making Sure Your Furniture Fits

Before you buy any furniture, it is necessary to make sure it all fits first.

Measuring your rooms and then plotting it all out on graph paper can help you understand how much space you have.

You can then decide what combinations of furniture and what layouts work best for you and maximise your space.

You can find the dimensions for all the products we sell, in the size guides under each product on our site.

Also, attached to our free furnishing checklist is some handy graph paper to plot your rooms out.

Maximising Room Space

If you’re looking to maximise the space you have then it’s worth considering a range of practical space saving furniture items.

For example, you may find an extending dining table allows you to free up lots of room in your dining area whilst still ensuring you have the option to seat many guests at the drop of a hat.

When deciding what furniture to fill a room with, I think it’s fair to say that storage space is not always the first thought on everyone’s mind, however planning for storage could save you plenty of space.

For example, our divan beds come with a range of storage options, including draws or ottoman lift.

Whilst these add a bit more to the price they can save you from buying other storage furniture, saving you both money and floor space.

Invest in Furniture

Whilst the initial outlay is more, buying quality durable furniture can help save money in the long run.

No-one wants to be buying something that breaks in 6 months, so, try your furniture out in the shop, make sure it’s sturdy and check online reviews for any common problems.

See your purchases as an investment, particularly the high use essential items like sofas, beds and dining chairs.

Buy Essential Furniture First

To help you budget when furnishing your new home buy all your essentials first.

This way you can buy good quality furniture that will withstand years of use.

You can then stretch your budget if needs be for the non-essential pieces like accessories.

Interior Design

When planning the design of your home there are a few fundamentals that can make your rooms look great:

1) Create a Colour Scheme

Choose a handful of colours for each room and design the interior using these. This includes the paint, furniture, flooring and accessories.

Try to layer your colours where you can, for example use different coloured scatter cushions on your sofa.

2) Have a Focal Point

Creating a focal point in a room is a great way to make a room look professional.

This could be a statement piece of furniture like an accent chair or a piece of wall art.

3) Give Your Furniture Room

Allow your furniture to have plenty of space and remove clutter.

This will be easier on the eye than a full room. So, factor this in when planning out your rooms.

4) Choose a Style

Pick a certain style to design your rooms or whole home. For, example you might choose a shabby chic style to furnish your home.

One problem is that trends come and go out of fashion, so in a few years you could be left with a dated interior.

Therefore, a safe bet is to choose one that has stood the test of time or pick neutral furniture.

Tip: A great way to get design inspiration for your home is by browsing Pintrest and Instagram hashtags.

Next we’ll speak about some of the items you might need to furnish your home.

Living room

1) Sofa: A good sofa is essential for making your new house a home.

As this will be one of the most used pieces of furniture we recommend buying one that is sturdy and comfortable.

Take your time choosing one and test them out.

2) Armchair: Another piece of seating you may use for your living room is an armchair.

Again, look for something that is sturdy and comfortable.

Armchairs are also great for putting your design mark on your living room. Picking an accent chair is a great way to create a focal point that stands out in a room.

Alternatively, you could substitute your armchair for a larger sofa or a corner sofa. This may fit better with layout of your room and could save you space.

3) Scatter cushions: Scatter cushions are a great way to add comfort and style to your living room.

By using a range of patterns, colours and textures you can create a stylishly look inexpensively.

4) Blanket: Like pillows a throw blanket can be used to layer textures and add comfort.

5) Coffee table: Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your living room.

Coffee tables are also a practical piece of storage furniture for hiding remotes and other bits.

6) TV: 95% of households in the UK own a TV so there is a good chance you’ll be looking to get one for your home.

7) TV Unit: Unless you're mounting your TV on a wall then a TV unit is essential.

These are also great for housing your entertainment devices together in a neat place.

8) Lamp table or nest of tables: Lamp tables aren’t essential but they are useful for seating lamps, ornaments and drinks on.

If you don’t have lots of space in your living room then a nest of tables may work best as you can unstack them as and when they are needed.

9) Lamp: Again, not essential but perfect for lighting and creating a relaxing mood in your home.

10) Magazine rack: Sometimes you just can’t beat a physical copy of a newspaper or magazine.

If you’re the type of person that likes physical copies then a magazine rack may be a good choice for your home.


1) Bed frame or divan: Choosing a bed for your home is probably going to be high on your list of priorities, if not the highest.

While, there are a range of beds you could buy, they generally fall into 2 camps, divans and bedsteads.

Divan beds are wooden box structures, that are covered with upholstery. These beds are great as they have a stylish seamless look.

Our divans come with a range of drawer and ottoman options, so you can easily store your bedding and belongings.

Divans are easy to transport and assemble as they usually come in two halves and simply clip together.

Therefore, if you’re not big into DIY or are rushed for time, a divan might be a good choice for you.

A great thing about divans is that they can be customised with any headboard you like, so you can change the style of your bed easily and inexpensively.

Alternatively, you could choose a bedstead.

Whilst these don’t have all the benefits of a divan, they are available in more materials and styles, so might be worth considering if you’re not a fan of the boxy fabric divan look.

2) Mattress: In the UK there are 6 common size mattresses. These include:

  • Small Single - 75cm wide x 190cm long

  • Single - 90cm wide x 190cm long

  • Small Double - 120cm wide x 190cm long

  • Double - 135cm wide x 190cm long

  • King Size - 150cm wide x 200cm long

  • Super King - 180cm wide x 200cm long

There is also a number of fillings available, ranging from gels to foam.

Each might give you a different level of comfort, and range somewhere between soft to firm. So, choose one you’re most relaxed on.

If you sleep in a bed with a partner then it might be worth looking into a pocket spring mattress.

With these mattresses each spring moves individually so there is less movement in the mattress when someone moves.

This will also stop the bed sloping towards the side of the heavier person.

3) Headboard: Customize or refresh your bed on a budget with a headboard. An upholstered one is great for sitting up against if you’re a bed-time reader.

4) Bedding: Comfortable bedding is key to a great night’s sleep. You might try to match your bedding with the colours of your bedrooms décor to create a stylish look.

5) Quilt: Think about the seasons when choosing a quilt.

Higher tog quilts will keep you snug in winter, whereas a lower tog one will keep you comfortably cool in warmer months.

Alternatively, you could go for a mid-range tog quilt to last you all year round and throw a blanket over your bed during winter months.

Don’t be scared to go for a quilt that is larger than your bed.

An oversized style looks great and gives you more coverage if you share your bed with a partner that like to steal the duvet in their sleep.

6) Pillows: There’s plenty of pillows available, from feather to hollow fibre to memory foam.

Its all down to your personal preference, so choose some that will give you the best night’s sleep.

7) Blanket: A blanket is useful for those colder nights plus they look great.

You can use blankets, bedding and pillows to add layers of texture, colours and patterns to your room’s decor.

8) Blanket box: To store all your spare bedding quilts and blankets you could get a blanket box.

These look great at the foot of a bed and make a good seat for getting changed.

9) Wardrobe: Unless your home has a walk in or fitted wardrobes then its likely you’ll be need one for all the occupants of your home.

We see a wardrobe an essential item so prioritise this with your budget and choose a sturdy design.

10) Chest of drawer: A chest of drawers is perfect for storing clothing and bedding. They also create a handy surface for placing pictures and other ornaments on.

11) Bedside cabinets: If you’re a bedtime reader then a bedside cabinet with a lamp on is likely to be on your list of furnishings.

These are also great for storing your underwear and belongings in.

12) Lamp: Essential if you like to read in bed or if you're frequently up during the night.

With a low lumen warm white bulb in your lamp you can add a real relaxed mood to your bedroom.

13) Dressing table & stool: A dressing table and stool is perfect if you regularly put on make-up.

All the dressing tables we sell have useful storage drawers for all your make-up, beauty products and electronics.

14) Mirror: Mirrors make a great focal point in any room. They also let more light in and make your room appear larger.

If you like to get ready in front of a mirror then you’ll probably see one as essential.

You could choose a wall mounted, full length or free-standing dressing table mirror for your bedroom.


1) Desk: A desk is essential for any office, it gives you a surface for your computer and paperwork.

We sell a range of desks including some with built in storage and shelving, helping you to keep all your office essentials together.

2) Office chair: Find a comfy office chair to go with your desk.

If you’re going to be sat working for hours then you might want to find one that offers lumbar support and adjusts so you can find your best seating position.

3) Bookcase: If you or any of your family members are studying then a bookcase for the office is likely to come in handy.

You might also want to place one in another room for any of your personal books, besides they look great so why not.

4) Filing cabinet: The office can get messy without them, plus you might work with sensitive information, so need to lock away your documents.

If you fall into this group see our range of lockable filing cabinets. We offer a range of designs to match the desks we sell.

5) Lamp: A lamp may make a good addition to your office for late night reading and work.

6) Sofa bed: If your home doesn’t have a lot of spare rooms then you could use your office to double up as a guest bedroom.

Placing a sofa bed in here would give your guests somewhere comfortable to sleep and offer you a seating area for relaxing between work.

7) Electronics: It is likely that if you have office you’ll be filling it with electronics.

Some things you might need then are a PC (laptop or desktop), mouse and keyboard.

8) Printer and a shredder: If you’re working with confidential client information then a shredder will be a useful buy.

Printers obviously have their use too.

When you buy a printer, check the cost of the ink refills beforehand.

A lot of printer companies sell their printers very cheaply, but charge lots for the refills.

If you are regularly printing documents, then a laser printer may be best the best option for you. These printers are generally more expensive to buy, but their toner cartridges usually last much longer than ink cartridges.

If you’ve got lots of electronics then cable tidy sleeves are always handy.

9) Stationary: You’ll likely also need stationary for your work, so you might want to buy some pens, pencils, paper and a calculator.

10) Bin: A bin is always handy for the office, for when you make an error or the printer inevitably spews out far too many copies of a document.

Dining Room

1) Dining Table & Chairs: Your dining table and chairs will also be an important purchase so it is key to prioritise these items when furnishing you're home.

Dependant on the size of your home you might be restricted by the size of dining set you can buy.

If this is the case why not consider an extending or round table.

If you’re fortunate enough to fit a large dining table into your home then you might even consider a bench for your table.

This is a great way to seat lots of guests at a fraction of the cost of buying several seats. It will also give your dining area that rugged farmhouse look.

2) Display Unit: A beautiful display unit is a great way to show off you favourite glassware, dinner sets and maybe even your rare collection of German beer steins.

However, display units are more than simple show pieces but double up as handy storage furniture.

3) Wine Rack: If you are a bit of a wine connoisseur then a wine rack might make the perfect addition to your dining room.


1) Console tables: Console tables are great for storing your keys and all the other bits and bobs.

2) Shoe cupboard or rack: Rid your doorway of piled up shoes with a shoe cupboard or shoe rack.

Our oak shoe cupboard adds a rustic feel to the home and is the perfect piece to greet visitors.

3) Coat hooks or stand: A good coat hook is convenient and adds a classy look to the entrance of a home.

4) Door mat: Keep your new carpets and flooring clean with a door mat.

For the full list of furnishing items, including everything you need for your kitchen and bathroom see the downloadable checklist.

On this there’s also a list of all the other essentials like curtains, fire alarms and lightbulbs.

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