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Sherborne Keswick Riser Recliner

Sherborne Keswick Lift & Tilt Chair

The ‘Riser Recliner’, ‘Power Lift Chair’, ‘Lift & Tilt Chair’; three different names, one product.

The various manufacturers out there all have their own names for (what is, essentially) a chair designed to improve the lifestyle and give maximum comfort to a disabled user and their carers.

With over 20 years experience in this market, we believe there is no better supplier of Lift & Tilt chairs in Lincolnshire.

Our experience means you will not only get the best products available, but you will also be sure of the right advice in order to help you find the right chair for you.

With chairs by Royams, Sherborne and  Sitting Pretty, we are confident we can offer you a quality chair at a price that’s right, in the colour of your choice, in a size that fits.

Take a look at some of the options available from our various manufacturers.


The Windsor Lift & Tilt Chair by Sherborne - Available in 4 Sizes.

Sherborne 2013 logoThe Sherborne range of electric lift & rise recliners is probably the most comprehensive on the market today.

Renowned for their quality and attention to detail, Sherborne have become the market leader in power lift and recline chairs over the years due to their ongoing research and development program and commitment to excellence.

Reflex™ Foam LogoUsing a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art methods, the Sherborne range of lift & rise chairs feature Reflex™ foam cushioning and high quality components throughout.

Sherborne 5 Year LogoThis means that Sherborne are able to offer a comprehensive 5 year guarantee on all lift and rise recliners.

The range consists of a a multitude of different models, many of which are available in a choice of ‘Petite’, ‘Small’, ‘Standard’ or ‘Royale’ sizes.

Each chair is supplied with the following as standard or as an optional extra:

Sherborne Accessories


  • Single or dual motors
  • Castors or glides
  • Left or right hand controls
  • A huge range of fabrics or leather
  • Multi use battery backup

The combination of superb build quality, unrivalled choice and first class service make Sherborne the first choice for a lift and rise chair.


Donna Duo Riser Recliner

Donna Duo Riser Recliner

We have been dealing with Royams since the mid 1980′s, so we know all about the quality of this excellent company.

Royams were among the innovators of the riser recliners in the UK and have remained one of the premier manufacturers.

The quality hardwood frames, premium actions and motors, and innovative safety features, are among the many reasons to invest in a Royams riser recliner.

Royams logoMoreover, their core family values have remained the same throughout the years: to provide the best product on the market at a fair and reasonable price.

They may not be the cheapest products on the market, but Royams’ riser recliners are among the bery best available.

Sitting Pretty

More information soming soon.

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