High Seat & Fireside

Appleby High Seat High Back Range

Appleby High Seat High Back Range by Royams

Our range of high seat, high back, orthopaedic and fireside chairs is second to none on Lincolnshire.

Sutton on Sea is one of the county’s prime spots for retirement due to it’s unspoilt charm, so it is also the ideal spot for Lincolnshire’s best selection of high seat, high back and fireside chairs and suites.

Since 1995 we, at Squire Furnishings, have prided ourselves on our superb selection and relaxed but attentive approach to selling high seat chairs and suites.

712 Beverley pg41 (F)

Beverley by Sherborne

Our product knowledge is unrivalled in the area, making us the only stop you’ll need to make for a high seat, high back, orthpaedic or fireside chair or suite.

At Squire Furnishings, you will find the best selection from the best manufacturers in the UK, including: Royams, Sherborne and Cotswold Furniture.

Many of our products are available in a range of seat heights, depths and widths, as well as choices in back heights and bespoke options for more unique requirements.

Fabric Swatches

Fabric Swatches

You will also find a huge choice of fabrics and a choice of wood colours on most models.

So, why waste time trawling around the county visiting stores with a poor selection, poor service and little product knowledge?

Visit Squire Furnishings; you’ll be glad you did.

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