Quality Upholstered Furniture

Quality Upholstered Furniture

Quality Upholstered Furniture

At Squire Furnishings we have a long standing tradition of supplying beautiful upholstered suites, sofas, chairs and accessories. We cater for most tastes, from traditional to contemporary, but our speciality is supplying quality high back sofas, chairs and suites to the 50+ market.

Take a little time to peruse this page and you’ll find a whole host of quality upholstered furniture, including occasional pieces, upholstered beds and upholstered bedroom furniture.


Reclining Chairs and Suites


Recliner Chairs in Lincolnshire

Recliner Chairs in Lincolnshire

At Squire Furnishings we have long been known as stockists of a large range of recliner chairs.

We have a great selection of reclining chairs in stock – many at heavily discounted prices.

The range consists of models from Sherborne, Daneway and Sweet Dreams. There’s something for everyone.

High Seat Chairs & Suites

Appleby High Seat High Back Range

Appleby High Seat High Back Range

For over 30 years we have specialised in high seat upholstery, so, we believe, we offer the most comprehensive selection in Lincolnshire.

Our range consists of everything from high seat, orthopaedic and high back chairs, to complementary settees, footstools, riser recliners, recliner chairs and more.

Many of our chairs are available in a range of sizes and custom options are available throughout much of the range.

Rise To The Occasion

British Made Riser Recliners

British Made Riser Recliners

If you or a loved on struggles to get out of your chair, you really need to invest in one of our superb range of British made lift and tilt chairs.

At Squire Furnishings, we only supply quality, reliable chairs from reputable manufacturers so you can rest assured your chair will not let you down.

We have been caring for our community for over 30 years, so you can also be sure we know exactly what you need and have the time to help you find it.

Remember, most of our customers are exempt from V.A.T. on riser recliners.

Sofa Beds, Bed Settees and Suites

Sofa Beds and Guest Beds

Sofa Beds, Bed Settees and Suites

Sofa-beds and bed settees are one of our many specialities.

Being based in a holiday resort means lots of visitors, which in turn means you need to be able to accommodate them!

We offer a great range of quality bed-sofas, some of which are available as suites, ranging from budget models for light occasional use to top quality models for use every day.

Upholstered Bedsteads

Superb TV Bedstead with Adjustable Bed

Superb Upholstered TV Bedstead with Adjustable Bed

Whilst divans are by far our most popular bed bases, we still have a demand for bedsteads of various styles.

If you’re looking for something trendy, interesting or unique we have a full range of products to fit the bill.

Our range of upholstered bedsteads are available in faux leather or fabric, including a range of the very latest TV bedsteads, upholstered ottoman bedsteads and more.

Upholstered Headboards

Imperial Velvet Headboard

Upholstered Fabric Headboards

The finishing touch to the bedroom, if you have a divan bed, will usually be the headboard.

We offer a comprehensive range of headboards in a variety of fabrics, including faux leather headboards, faux suede headboards, chenille headboards, combination wood/fabric headboards, damask/jacquard headboards, velvet headboards and budget velour headboards.

Upholstered Bedroom Accessories

Upholstered Bedroom Accessories

So, your bedroom is finished – almost? You just need a chair for the corner, a chaise longue for the bed end, a window seat or small sofa. Well, we offer a full range of upholstered bedroom accessories to suit all tastes.

Traditional, modern, transitional, we have something to suit in a range of fabrics and finishes.

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