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Andrew Squires Hi, I’m Andrew. Welcome to my photography page!

When I’m not busy running the shop, producing this website, helping run the Amateur Photography Club on Facebook or (dare I say it) relaxing at home with my lovely wife, you’ll usually find me out and about with my camera. I’ve been taking photos for a few years now and I’ve finally decided it’s time to share some of them with you lovely people out there on the interweb.

If you would like to join our Amateur Photography Club on Facebook, click here.

The plan is to make this page about my journey in photography; from duffer to where I am now and beyond. Currently the images are simply for your viewing pleasure, but in time the best will be available for sale in various sizes and formats.


I am now exhibiting some of my best images in store in A3+ format, many of which you can view on our Facebook Page, or you can follow me on Twitter where I keep you up to date with what’s going on with both Squire Furnishings and myself.

You can also buy many of my images, in a variety of media and formats, via the photo4me website if you click here.

My Photo Video

Below you can check out a youtube video of some of my favourite images, set to music. It’s my first attempt at something like this; I hope you like it!


Below you can see what’s known as a Photosynth. This image is a composite 360 degree panorama, taken in The Lake District, which is composed of 12 images (each of which is a 3 shot HDR). Give it a try, it’s pretty cool!

The panorama itself is created using free photo stitching software from microsoft known as ICE (Image Composite Editor).

If you’d like to check out my photosynths click here.

You could also check out some fantastic 360 degree panoramas and much more on - a site owned and run by fellow photographer Carl Gitsham.

My Photos

All photos are copyright of Andrew Squires. Please do not use them anywhere without permission; this includes distributing, selling, blogging or sharing them in any way.

Please feel free to add comments at the bottom of the page; you’ll have to login to do this but constructive criticism is always welcome; I’m always striving to improve upon all aspects of photography, from basic techniques to post processing skills, any tips will always be welcome.

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