Mind Foam Memory Foam Pillow

Mind Foam Memory Foam Pillow

Mind Foam Memory Foam Pillow – Coolmax Cover

There are literally hundreds of memory foam pillows on the market, it’s a real minefield; so which do you choose?

Well, at Squire Furnishings, we have tried and tested many of the options over the years – some more expensive, some cheaper – yet we have one pillow that has been a constant fixture in our range: The ‘Mind Foam’ Coolmax Memory Foam pillow.

This solid block of memory foam is the one I sleep on myself – and have done for the past 7 years.

It’s soft and comfortable, yet supportive.

The pillow yields in exactly the way memory foam should – supporting your head and neck without creating any pressure points - it is a full UK size pillow and features an inner cotton cover and an outer, machine washable  ’Coolmax’ cover – an innovative breathable fabric developed by
Du Pont which dissipates heat, preventing overheating.

Mind Foam

Mind Foam

A particular anatomic shape allows you to support the head and neck
in the best position with a pleasant relaxing effect.

The solid memory foam maximises the benefit of the contouring pressure relieving qualities of visco elastic memory foam.

It facilitates blood circulation and muscles relaxation; these pillows with a
memory core provide much better support than conventional pillows.

Coolmax is an extremely comfortable fabric which offers a fresh sensation. Soft, light and
airy, with a natural touch, it is also machine washable.

The Mind Foam Memory Foam Pillow is in stock for collection or free UK delivery at only £39.99.

Order yours today!

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