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Authentic Models

Always playful and eclectic. Made to last…

Reminiscent of British colonial armies as well as French artisan stores and workshops. Individual pieces easily match and combine with both contemporary and classical style. Check out the finesse… Cabinets turning on hidden wheels, glass tops that show photos and collected ephemera. Modular units to create storage, display and workspace exactly as you have always wanted. French finished, brass bound, lightly distressed furniture that will increase in value over time.

MF040 Stateroom Trunk Table

Stateroom Chest (Cream) MF040
Stateroom Chest

When the Gare Central was manned by porters carrying multiple travel trunks to the Pullman Coupé or your private carriage on the Orient Express… When travel was for restless souls with matching bank accounts and a yen for romance. When a Rolls coupe was delivered with a picnic trunk strapped to a tail-rack. And when this trunk held a complete setting for twelve, including champagne flutes and dispensers for foie gras and Petrossian. Professional brass hardware, brass locks and keys, steamed cherry wood bent slats.  Complete with hand turned legs to serve a further life as a coffee table. Honey finished wood inside.

Size: 32.3 x 18.1 x 22.8”, 82 x 46 x 58cm.

MF007 Man of Eight Bookcase

MF007 Man of 8 Bookcase
MF007 Man of 8 Bookcase

An age-old hallowed tradition. Fraternities. Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard. Racing eights. An Olympic sport, upper class, academic, admired by the privileged, accessible to the very smart and highly athletic. These long, narrow and fast wooden racers were cut up in sections when retired. Transformed into bookcases they lined the halls and bars of fraternities the world over. Oars were painted with crests and races, names and dates, and wall-hung. AM’s latest is an exact replica of a late 19th C. prow of a man-of-eight that once cut through the rippling waters of the inland Thames.

Size: 18.3 x 9.8 x 85.2”, 216.5 x 46.5 x 25cm.

MF036 Bosun’s Gig

MF036 Bosun's Gig
MF036 Bosun’s Gig

Dispatched for victuals for the captain’s table or canvas for a sail blown away in a storm, gigs were invaluable when in port or moored outside. Referred to as rowboats by land-bound folk, a gig was easy to lower overboard, needed minimum crew, and was quick to dispatch. When stowed, it nested in the long boat or pilot boat secured in the center of the main deck. Our lapstrake (overlapping strips of wood) gigs are not seaworthy, but they most certainly look like it! Clinker build, they add flair and atmosphere to any room, and display shelves turn them into fun cabinets and bookcases.

Size: 27 x 12 x 73”, 68 x 30,5 x 185cm.

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