Sherborne Dorchester Adjustable Bed

Sherborne Dorchester Adjustable Bed

Sherborne Dorchester Adjustable Bed

The Dorchester Adjustable Bed by Sherborne is the ultimate electrically operated bed.

Developed by Sherborne through years of research, the Dorchester has been designed to offer the very best adjustable bed on the market today.

With this in mind, you’ll be asking: what makes it so special?

So, let’s run through a few of the key features.

  1. Sherborne Dorchester Guaranteed up to 25 StoneThe Dorchester’s fully upholstered Base and Action are guaranteed for a weight of up to 25 stone.
  2. Unlike most electrically adjustable beds, The Dorchester’s Base is sturdy enough to sit on –  even when the foot end is raised.
  3. The Dorchester is fully guaranteed for 5 years.
  4. Sherborne 5 Year LogoEach Dorchester Base comes with a sturdy end drawer as standard. When we say ‘sturdy’ we mean sturdy!
  5. Unlike most bed drawers, the Dorchester’s drawer is engineered to take as much weight as  you could ever reasonably expect.
  6. The Dorchester’s high quality Handset is backlit for use in the dark and also features 2 ‘memory’ functions for your most used positions.

More Dorchester Features:

  • Sherborne Dorchester Bed positions x 5The Fully Upholstered Base is available in a choice of 3 colours: Brown, Fawn or Grey.
  • Deluxe Mattress (Reflex™ and Memory foam) available with ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ rating.
  • Supreme Mattress  (Reflex™, Memory + Latex foam) available with ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ rating.
  • High Quality Castors as standard, with the alternative of gliders on request.
  • Choice of 2 Matching Headboards (Emily or Isobel).
  • Available in the following sizes: 2’6″ (75cm) Single Action; 3′ (90cm) Single Action; 4′ (120cm) Single Action; 5′ (150cm) Dual Action; 6′ (180cm) Dual Action.
  • Available with VAT exemption for qualifying customers.
  • We can supply you with bases or mattresses only if you prefer.
  • Your Dorchester Bed will be delivered and assembled in the room of your choice by our experienced 2 man team.

More About The Dorchester

The Sherborne Dorchester Adjustable 2'6 Bed base

The Dorchester Base: True Strength

The Base and Action

The Base of The Dorchester is the heart of the bed.

Engineered to the highest quality, this base copes comfortably with the 25 stone weight limit and is fully upholstered throughout.

The full metal action is a completely different proposition to the wood and slatted bases on cheaper models and the the padded top gives extra comfort and yeild whilst being manufactured to a level rarely seen before.Sherborne Dorchester Guaranteed up to 25 Stone

The end drawer comes as standard and is engineered to be strong enough to stand in – something I wouldn’t like to consider in 99.9% of beds

I have actually tested this myself and it coped easily with my 14 stone frame.

Even the end stop is upholstered and manufactured as a part of the base, rather than simply tacked on at the end.

Choose from three colours below:


Sherborne Dorchester Adjustable Bed Mattress Deluxe

Sherborne Adjustable Bed Mattress

The Dorchester Mattresses are built to the same high quality as you would expect from any Sherborne product.

Available in ‘Deluxe’ or ‘Supreme’ form, both mattresses include a generous layer of memory foam over a thick supportive layer of Reflex™ foam, both especially designed for the moving contours of Adjustable Beds.

Reflex™ Foam LogoA ‘Cool-max’ cover alleviates any overheating problems and the additional layer of super-soft Latex Foam on the ‘Supreme Mattress’ offers even more comfort and extra temperature control.

An additional choice of ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ option is available in both the ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Supreme’ matresses.



Delivery on the Dorchester range is only 2-3 weeks from date of order.


Please call (01507) 441005 or email for a quote.

We are highly competitive on the Dorchester range, as you can see from our pricing below.

All prices are inclusive of VAT but exclude delivery. Delivery is free in Lincolnshire.

We can supply a VAT exemption form and deduct the VAT for you.

Dorchester 2’6″ Options

2'6" Dorchester Adjustable Bed

  • 2’6″ Base with Deluxe Mattress £1230.00
  • 2’6″ Base with Supreme Mattress £1277.00
  • 2’6″ Base Only £945.00
  • 2’6″ Deluxe Mattress Only £Call
  • 2’6″ Supreme Mattress Only £Call
  • 2’6″ Emily Headboard +£75.00
  • 2’6″ Isobel Headboard +£75.00

Dorchester 3′ Options

3' Dorchester Adjustable Bed

  • 3′ Base with Deluxe Mattress £1230.00
  • 3′ Base with Supreme Mattress £1277.00
  • 3′ Base Only £945.00
  • 3′ Deluxe Mattress Only £Call
  • 3′ Supreme Mattress Only £Call
  • 3′ Emily Headboard +£75.00
  • 3′ Isobel Headboard +£75.00

Dorchester 4′ Options

4' Dorchester Adjustable Bed

  • 4′ Base with Deluxe Mattress £1391.00
  • 4′ Base with Supreme Mattress £1458.00
  • 4′ Base Only £1040.00
  • 4′ Deluxe Mattress Only £Call
  • 4′ Supreme Mattress Only £Call
  • 4′ Emily Headboard +£90.00
  • 4′ Isobel Headboard +£90.00

Dorchester 5′ Options

5' Dorchester Adjustable Bed

  • 5′ Base with Deluxe Mattresses £2465.00
  • 5′ Base with Supreme Mattresses £2619.00
  • 5′ Base Only £1895.00
  • 5′ Emily Headboard +£95.00
  • 5′ Isobel Headboard +£95.00

Dorchester 6′ Options

6' Dorchester Adjustable Bed

  • 6′ Base with Deluxe Mattresses £2465.00
  • 6′ Base with Supreme Mattresses £2619.00
  • 6′ Base Only £1895.00
  • 6′ Emily Headboard +£95.00
  • 6′ Isobel Headboard +£95.00

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